“Some dreams are so powerful that they become real.”

While playing football with my one year old son this morning in our yard, I had a revelation. When I moved into the neighbourhood four years ago, an old lady lived next door to us. She was hearing impaired and we would communicate through audible conversation and sign language. She shared the same name as my dear grandmother who lived in another country, so I treated her as I would have treated my granny. She lived on her own and that was impressive for she was over 80 years old. Sometimes I would hear her crying in her home. I was uncertain to the reason behind the tears. It could have been physical or emotional anguish. I never asked and she never told. So I prayed for her, each time I heard her cry.

One bright and sunny morning, as I was hanging out the clothes to dry on the clothes line, she motioned for me to come to talk with her. I placed the last clothes pin on the line and went to the fence to begin our conversation. She told me that she wished for more children to fill up our neighbourhood. I already had a young son of about 6 years at the time. She said that she wished that I could have more children. I laughed at her for at that moment I had no intentions of trying again. She died the following year.

Fast forward to the present day and my revelation. Soon after the lady died, a family of five moved into her house. They have three beautiful daughters. I had another son two years later and the people next door to me have a beautiful little daughter. The lady’s dream was so powerful that it became real. Not in her lifetime and not how she had imagined it. It was so powerful that more than one child came from our conversation but five additional children. We all live well together, exchanging gifts of fruits, vegetables, cakes and love throughout the year. God’s plans for us exceed our wildest dreams, yet all we have to do it to let go and let His will be done. Trust in God, let go and let Him work and keep strong in the faith.



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