All Nature Has A Feeling by John Clare

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All nature has a feeling: woods, fields, brooks
Are life eternal: and in silence they
Speak happiness beyond the reach of books;
There’s nothing mortal in them; their decay
Is the green life of change; to pass away
And come again in blooms revivified.


Its birth was heaven, eternal it its stay,
And with the sun and moon shall still abide
Beneath their day and night and heaven wide.

by John Clare

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Maturity: How Would You Describe It?

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Maturity – how could you describe it? Maybe it is the ability to resist some small whims or need for immediate reward and better choosing the actions that will pay off some time later.


Maturity is also a well-measured persistence, knowing your true goals and seeking them despite of obstacles on your way. It is the ability to use your skills and knowledge and do more than is expected. And also it is having a sense what is worth fighting and what is not.

A Mature person is able to control his anger during conflicts or other unpleasant situations. He solves the occurring problems with constructive approach instead of complaining. He knows that he cannot control everything, thus sometimes you just need something to let go.

Maturity is also humility, when person is able to admit his mistakes, forget his pride and at the same time preserve his dignity. Maturity…

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Lunch With God

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A little boy wanted to meet God. He packed his suitcase with two sets of his dress and some packets of Cakes and he stared his journey. He walked a long and felt tired. So he sat in a park on the way and opened a packet to take a cake to eat. Then he noticed an old woman sitting sad with hunger nearby, so he offered her a piece of cake.


She gratefully accepted it with a wide look and smiled at him. Her smile was so pretty that the boy longed to see it again. After some time he offered her another piece of cake. Again, she accepted it and smiled at him.

The boy was delighted! They sat there all afternoon eating and smiling, but they never said a word.

While it grew dark, the boy was frightened and he up got to leave but before he…

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The Workaholic And The Angel Of Death

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One person worked long and hard to make a great career. One day he decided to rest from the work and to live in luxury for his pleasure, which he could afford because of his wealth.


Just when he made this decision, an angel of death came to him.
Being a very wealthy person, he decided to buy some more time from the angel of death at any cost. He bargained for a long time but the angel was unmoved.

Desperate, the rich man made the last proposal to the angel:
– Give me just one hour of my life, so that I could admire the beauty of this earth for the last time and spend some time with my family and friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and I will give you all of my wealth.

But the angel refused again.
Finally, the man asked if…

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The Secret

Pssstt!!! Can I tell you a secret?

Secrets can be fun, especially when it is a surprise for the ones you love. Secrets can be painful too, especially when you are protecting someone you really love. Yet there comes a time that what is held in secret will be revealed.

in the morning boardwalk

I met God in the morning,
when my day was at its best.
And His Presence came like glory,
a sunrise in my breast.

All day long His Presence lingered,
all day long He stayed with me…
And we sailed in perfect calmness,
O’er a very troubled sea.

Other ships were blown and battered;
Other ships were sore distressed.
But the winds that seemed to drive them,
Brought to us such peace and rest.

Then I thought of other mornings,
With a keen remorse of mind.
When I too had loosed the moorings,
with the Savior left behind.

So I think I know the secret,
learned from many a troubled way…
You must seek God in the morning,
if you want Him in the day

Ralph Spaulding Cushman

God in morning God in the morning2

God of Hope

My great great grandmother’s name was Hope. She was born exactly 100 years before me. I hope that one day I can name my future daughter or grand-daughter Hope. Amy Carmichael uses the word “hope” at least five times in this poem. 


Hope through me, God of Hope,

Or never can I know

Deep wells and living streams of hope,

And pools of overflow.

Flood me with hope today

For souls perverse, undone,

For sinful souls that turn away,

Blind sunflowers, from their Sun.

O blessèd Hope of God,

Flow through me patiently,

Until I hope for everyone

As Thou hast hoped for me.

Amy Carmichael

not be moved

He Giveth More

This poem by Annie Johnson Flint propelled me to read about her life. Although she lived over three decades with a debilitating disease she never ceased to use her poetic talent to glorify God. She is truly an inspiration to all.

joy in the morning

He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,
He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;
To added affliction He addeth His mercy;
To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted our store of endurance,
When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,
When we reach the end of our hoarded resources,
Our Father’s full giving is only begun.

Fear not that thy need shall exceed His provision,
Our God ever yearns His resources to share;
Lean hard on the arm everlasting, availing;
The Father both thee and thy load will upbear.

His love has no limit; His grace has no measure.
His pow’r has no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus,
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again!

Annie Johnson Flint

We’re One Of God’s Children by Debbie Bongiovanni

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We’re all one of God’s children,
And he takes care of us in many ways,
And he’ll continue to do that,
In the remaining days.


Sometimes we might not believe that,
Because we’re put through so much pain,
But he knows it’s for the best,
Because we’ll have more to gain.

So if you need his help,
You must truly believe,
You are one of God’s children,
And you truly will receive.

by Debbie Bongiovanni

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The Red Mahogany Piano by Joe Edwards

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Many years ago, a man named Joe Edwards was a young man in his twenties working as a salesman for a St. Louis piano company. They sold pianos all over the state by advertising in small town newspapers and then, when they had received sufficient replies, they would load their little trucks, drive into the area and sell the pianos to those who had replied.


Every time they would advertise in the cotton country of Southeast Missouri, the company would receive a reply on a postcard which said, in effect, “Please bring me a new piano for my little granddaughter. It must be red mahogany. I can pay $10 a month with my egg money.” The old lady scrawled on and on and on that postcard until she filled it up, then turned it over and even wrote on the front – around and around the edges until there was…

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The One

“Some day you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.”

While browsing through some interesting quotes online, I encountered this picture of a couple strolling along the beach at sunset. The quote was placed above the picture. Perception is an amazing quality which we possess in life. At first glance the picture promotes one ideal. However upon closer examination, the picture depicts a completely different sentiment.

At first, the quote gives the impression that the couple strolling along  the beach love each other that they would be there for each other in all circumstancnes. It also gives the impression to single people that they must be patient in order to find the right one.

Is there such an ideal as the right one? After all no one is perfect. Long lasting relationships require patience, understanding and communication. So upon closer examination of the quotation, there is a realization that the one must be perfect. The one shares every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life. Humans can not guarantee that in life. Life always changes. But the one according to that quotation is guaranteed with you for the rest of your life.

It stands to reason that The One is in control. He is above the couple in the picture. Without Him they could not be united in holding hands. Without Him they could not be walking together on the beach or in life. He is there for every sunrise. At the start of anewday  all thanks and praise must be given to Him for giving the gift of life. He is The One who is there for the sunset of your life for He never leaves you. So that someday is today. I have found The One and I am never letting go. What about you?