Happy 3rd Anniversary

Thanks to all of you who support anewday. It’s been a wonderful three years. Here’s to many more…

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Doctorate Mom

For years I have been struggling to complete this doctorate.

Nothing has been so frustrating or so lonely. So while browsing on Pinterest, I came across this picture:


At first, I laughed because I thought that the idea was preposterous. Soon the laughter transformed to intrigue as I wondered about the possibility of this occurrence. Uncertainty is the motive behind my initial laughter. I am uncertain about the completion of my studies. How will I apply the doctorate to my life? What do I hope to get from the doctorate? Of course it could be prestige or respect among family members and peers.

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But it goes beyond that. That is the surface meaning. The deeper meaning is what matters. The answer is I need this doctorate to allow God to work through me. Every morning I devote time to God no matter how harried my schedule appears to be. Put God first and you will never be last. That’s my personal motto. The prayer went like this:

Lord, I want to move forward and take hold of all that You have taken hold of for me, but sometimes I have trouble letting go. Help me to release all that hinders my spiritual growth and intimate relationship with You. I open my heart, my hands and my eyes to all You have for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

After that heartfelt prayer, I surrendered my will to God and asked him to use me on a deeper spiritual level. He opened my heart, my hands and my eyes. He answered, answers and continues to answer my prayers in the right time, in  His time.

True, there are many obstacles and at times it feels like the journey’s progress is difficult. Yet perseverance seldom fails. Keep chipping away at that mountain, remove the tiny pebbles, which fill up the mind with negativity and let that Goliath of an obstacle fall. Things do not always work to plan. That’s where faith intervenes. That’s where hope intervenes. That’s where love intervenes. Nevertheless they all work out for good. God’s will is always good. Obstacles can be good in a way for they help to develop an appreciation for that which is there. Your heart is open. Your hands are open. Your eyes are open. For the possibilities exist everywhere. Make the most of them.