Say no to offense: Just let it Go


She said to me, “I have something to tell you and don’t be offended.” I should have shut her down but I decided to hear her out. In my quest to develop the virtues of humility and patience, I decided to try my tactic of taking criticism. Smile and say thank you very much drawing that to my attention. I will think about it. If the criticism was valid I would pray for myself and if it was invalid I would pray for the other person.

I had just run into a childhood friend who also attends our church with her three daughters. I wrapped up that conversation and was about to start another one with the mother of my elder son’s best friend. I paused that conversation to listen to what this lady had to say. Apparently what she had to say was extremely important for she was wringing her hands in an agitated state. I thought it was having the baby on my hip. I thought it could be the way in which I was holding the baby. Many older women approach me in public as I look younger than I am and admonish me for the way I hold my child. I should support my child’s back. However they are oblivious to the numerous packages I have in addition to a wriggling baby. Instead of helping the situation, they offer their critical advice.

She finally got the chance to speak and she informed me that I should not let strangers touch the palm of my baby’s hand for they can spread diseases and the baby may become sick. I was offended. She had spoken death on my son. Nevertheless I swallowed my pride and told her thank you. When she left, I discreetly but noticeably rolled my eyes at my friend to silently communicate my frustration. She silently communicated her assertion with a flabbergasted look as if to say, “the nerve of some people”. I said a silent prayer to God for her and continued my conversation.

I wanted to let it go but I took the comment personally. That person to who she referred was not a stranger but a dear friend. I wanted to go back to the store where she worked and tell her that her words were offensive. However she thought that her advice was necessary. How could I rise above this situation and let all involved benefit from it. If I am fortunate to run into her again, I will tell her that she was fortunate to run into someone like me who could take criticism and turn it into a positive element. I would also give the advice, which all of us should follow. Watch your words. Ensure that they build up instead of tear down people. Think about what you say before you say it. People’s feelings and emotions are severely affected by words. Thinking and praying on the situation brings closure and gives the strength to let it go.



Dare to Dream


The interpretation of dreams is an impressive psychological feat. In the Bible, Joseph was known as a dreamer. God gave him the talent to interpret dreams. These interpretations saved the lives of his family, his fellow inmate in jail and more importantly the great Egyptian civilization. In the quest to interpret dreams, persons seek out close family members or friends. Some may even consult the internet! Yet there is a measure of care which must be appropriated when embarking on this search. 

Great care must be exercised with whom you share your dreams. Some may believe that you are testing society’s psychologically acceptable boundaries. Some may laugh or toss your dreams aside. Share your dreams appropriately and carefully. In disseminating the dream certain questions must be asked. Is it a recurring dream? Is it a healing or a prophetic dream? What types of feelings did you experience in the dream? Where did it take place? Who were the characters in the dream? Once you have asked these questions take some time to reflect on the meaning of the dream.Dreams can be controlled. The dreamer has the power to turn a nightmare into a good dream by placing positive thoughts into the subconscious.


Another type of dream is associated with hope. These are beautiful dreams. If there is a circumstance which needs improvement, dream about an improved situation. Make your dreams as big as they possibly can be. Let them fill the recesses of your mind. The dream is connected with the thought process. The process begins with the thought then the action is done and this makes a difference in the current situation. Begin with commitment. Commitment provides the opportunity to plan out the fulfillment of the dream. After commitment comes the follow-through. The plan must be implemented. The action is not complete without dedication. In dedication the plan is implemented as many times necessary to achieve the desired result. Finally after dedication comes knowledge. Knowledge is a wonderful space to occupy. For knowledge accompanies the achievement of your big dream.

Never stop dreaming. For huge achievements in life started with that one dream in mind. Dare to dream. 




Trials, tribulations and transitions make your life fall apart. What is so rewarding and frustrating at the same time is putting the pieces of the shattered life together again. Like shattered glass, it is painful to touch and it hurts. Pain is weakness leaving the body and what remains is strength. After experiencing these trials, tribulations and transitions, stand on your faith; a renewed and transformed person. Piecing life together may create a different picture that one could ever imagine.

Life as a mother is hard but rewarding. My doctor’s appointment finished early. There was literally no other patient in the office and I was seen in all of twenty minutes. After receiving a clean bill of health, I decided to have some time to myself. Everyone should set aside some time for themselves to live a balanced and healthy life. I went to a bookstore that was recommended to me by my priest. The initial idea was to buy a Bible for my elder son. After selecting a beautiful book for him called the Adventure Bible, I carefully perused the rest of the bookstore. I spent 30 minutes in the bookstore and felt refreshed and eager to see my sons. 

After parking the car at his school, I went to my son’s class. He met me with a smile on his face and a huge card in his hand. He presented it to me with an “I love you.” Tears blurred my eyes as I read the last line of the card. It said:

I will love you forever.

I thought of buying you flowers, but I knew you would prefer a Forever Bouquet.

I love you!

Motherhood has its trials, tribulations and transitions. But that big picture is the love of your children and God has created a picture for you more beautiful than you have ever imagined. Just trust in Him, surrender all you have to him and he will bestow blessings upon blessings in your life. How do I know that? Because I’m a mother of so many children and the gifts which they give me leave an indelible mark upon my heart, my mind and my soul.




The Reason Why…

John placed the video camera to focus on his father sitting by the fireplace. His father’s face was not showing the signs of the cancer that was eating away at his body. Yet his eyes were full of pain. Both men knew that this was inevitable. John knew his duty of portraying his father in the best light that was technically possible. His father knew his duty of getting his message out to the world: Inspire others to write.  John’s father began to speak about his life experience and the way writing helped him to express his talent. He began to write at the age of 50. There were characters, scenes and stories that he was desirous to get out on paper.

At first the journey was difficult. He went to various writing workshops to hone this craft. He became teachable and allowed other experts in the field of writing to mold him into the writer he eventually became. The struggle took five years. During that time he went through major rewrites of his novel. His manuscript was rejected by several publishers.  Finally it was accepted by one and he was paired with a phenomenal editor. This editor not only went through the manuscript to correct the grammatical and contextual errors but he also supported him through the process. Eventually the novel went on to become a great success.

John’s father succumbed to the debilitating cancer shortly afterwards. Yet his soul lives on in his publications. His publications inspire those to follow him. His life is a testimony of an arduous process. Failure and disappointments will occur. Dreams are fulfilled when the process is restored. The breakthrough is coming. Just persevere and success will be attainable. Inspiration is the reason why…Image