Breaking the Silence


Silence is like glass. It is transparent and fragile. Once it is broken, it shatters or makes a loud crashing sound. Writing is a tool used to release silence. The power of word visually impacts the reader. The reader lives the life of the writer. The writer guides the reader along the journey of the story.

Writing is therapeutic. Writing allows thoughts to be seen in black and white on paper. The writer has the opportunity to now see thoughts before and edit or sort them out. This creates a sense of clarity in the thought process. Thoughts need to be simplified so that they can follow a sequential process.


Writing is a form of expression. Without expression, feelings and emotions become trapped within the body. Unfortunately that trapped situation may result in a negative outlet. Outlets are necessary to release any blockages within the mind, body and soul. Once those blockages are released, there is a sense of rest. Life becomes simplified instead of complicated.

Writing can either be from a subjective or an objective perspective. In the subjective sense, writing takes on a more visual and personal format. On the contrary, objectivity gives the writer the chance to regard the situation from both angles. There should hardly be any bias as the examination is from many perceptions. Each writer makes the choice whether to follow a subjective or objective direction. Either way writing allows feelings to be seen in black and white so that sense can be filtered from nonsense.




What is truth?


“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

“I prefer to be true to myself even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” (Frederick Douglass)

“Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile” (Paulo Coelho)

These quotations have common strands weaving within the pattern of their words. The revelation of truth is followed by the trials of ridicule and weeping and eventually results in freedom. Dina Blass notes that, “Everyone’s truth is their own truth. Everyone’s belief is their own belief. None are wrong. None are right. They just are. To deny someone their truth, is to deny yourself of yours…” Respect the opinions of others as everyone is entitled to them. Everyone’s perception of the truth is unique, based upon their specific backgrounds and life experiences. Understanding plays an integral role in the conceptualization of the truth. In addition to understanding, clarity is another important element which defines the truth. Clarity removes subjectivity, leaving behind the objective truth.

Truth hurts. It can inflict deep emotional wounds upon revelation. Yet ironically wounds are needed to invoke the healing process. Weeping and ridicule will occur as a natural reaction. The decision is to either seep in that emotion or take it and use it as a platform in life. In other words truth can either make you or break you. When the truth is revealed, it affects those who are directly involved. The reaction towards the situation makes a difference. It depends on the individual’s choice.

If the choice has been in the positive direction, then freedom will come. Freedom is in the form of a brand new start, through truth which cleanses the soul. Truth can be compared to a breath of fresh air that refreshes a room full of heat and tension. It comes in abruptly and changes everything, but in the end the room feels better. The heat and tension dissipates leaving a lighter and freer space. The metaphor of the room can be applicable to life. Truth comes into life. It gives the opportunity to assess the meaning of life, to ensure that life is being lived to the fullest and to implement any necessary changes. Truth sets you free. It hurts at first, but with positivity as a companion, life is changed for the better. There is an Arabic proverb which says, “What is coming is better than what is gone.” Truth erases the clutter of life and simultaneously makes space for the better opportunities in life.


Slow Down


The process from conception to birth is very slow. Everything develops at its own rate to create a beautiful result. Even this blog is developing at its own rate. The writing process is slower and more thoughtful as the focus is on rest. Rest is scheduled. Eight hours is the recommended amount reserved for sleep. For children, it is ten hours. Yet on other occasions it is necessary to create times of leisure or rest to rejuvenate the spirit.

Usually after a fulfilling meal, the body calls for relaxation. Some call it ethnic fatigue. Others call it a nap. In Spanish speaking countries this tradition is called siesta. Each institution takes a break and closes in the middle of the day. By contrast, some people work hard and rush around. Rush hours are characterized by traffic jams and intense emotional strain. At work, there is pressure from colleagues, dependents and employers. Deadlines must be met. Jobs must be accomplished. Their bodies experience difficulty in the transition from work to rest mode.

Rush and hurry are residues of our instantaneous  lifestyles. Evidence of this is seen in instant coffee, microwaves and wireless connections. Other aspects of nature demonstrate the opposite. The growth of a tree or the metamorphosis of a butterfly show that hurry is not necessary. There is a sense of accomplishment but is there an appreciation for the evolution of the process, that is achieved by taking it slow.

Enjoy the process as it unfurls and experience a more fulfilling end result. Decisions should not be rushed. Situations should not be rushed. Life should not be rushed. Otherwise the decision, situation and life will lack that sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Stop. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Give your mind and spirit a chance to catch up with your body.

slow down

Seduction by inadequacy

Lupita Nyong’o recently won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as Patsy in the movie 12 Years A Slave. She is a highly acclaimed actor and director who has redefined the concept of outer beauty and exemplifies her inner beauty through her words. In her epic speech at Essence’s 7th Annual Black Women in Hollywood event, she said the words, “seduction by inadequacy” and the whole room audibly gasped.

lupita oscars dress

Why did they gasp? Everyone in the room identified with this feeling at some point in their lives. It resonated with them, and by extension viewers worldwide. They all could relate to it.

Inadequacy disguises itself as the world’s expectations. Inadequacy stems from physical, moral and societal standards. Issues relating to complexion, hair colour, weight gain or weight loss are prevalent in everyone’s lives. How do I look? Am I fat in this outfit? The camera puts on ten pounds. Skinny vs. fat. This feeling of inadequacy transcends gender and sexuality.

Inadequacy also revolves around religion and faith. How does one proclaim to be one way and act the other? Many suffer from hypocrisy. Inadequacy develops from societal expectations and standards. People are so caught up with the tangible: car, house and job. They forget or misplace the importance of the intangible, relationships with family, friends and the Divine. Inadequacy felt in faith and religion and affects the balance of life.

The crux of the matter lies in the way to combat this seduction by inadequacy. It does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process: step by step, little by little. It can take days, weeks, months and even years to have the ability to deduce the inadequacy in life and reduce the occurrence of seduction. Inadequacy beckons, flirts and titillates. Live against life’s norms for a while. When society thinks that it is strange and eccentric, that is a sign that inadequacy is no longer tolerated and adequacy has taken its place.

every day 2

Lupita urged her listeners to get on with the business of inner beauty. Get on with the business of being seduced by adequacy. Eliminate negativity and don’t be afraid to fly.