Laughing with God

It feels like bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Well actually it’s split down the middle. Bad things also happen to bad people and good things happen to good people.

There is a wise quote in the Bible and it coincides with the philosophy of Buddha. In Matthew, it is quoted to love your enemies and noted that the sun and the rain fall on both the unjust and the just. It is easy to love the ones that treat us well. We are really children of God when we love the ones who mistreat us.

One instance of this happen quite recently to a friend of mine. Her identity was stolen. She realised that another woman stole her name and was walking around pretending to be her. It went as far as her social media and even her credit cards and bank accounts. Understandably she was upset, she wanted to lash out at the person when she discovered her. But she related that doing these things would not provide a solution. She decided to figure out the reason why this person would do this. She tried to understand the reasoning and although her initial perception of this imposter was that she was crazy, after reflection she realised that this person was just misunderstood.

Your name, your family, your life all make up your identity. But the understanding of the word identity goes much deeper than that. Your identity is a reflection of true loyalty. This helps to shape your identity no matter how much you change physically or philosophically. Your identity is intertwined with that of the Creator. When you feel like blaming or engaging with negativity look to the great healer. Time heals all wounds. They might hurt but it gets better. Through reflection there is the opportunity to view how much you’ve grown and laugh with God at your dreams and perceptions then and view your present situation. Here in this moment -living life abundantly.


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