Pause, Stop and Think


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and this one is long overdue. This is about a question I have been asked: how long have you been a Christian? Whenever, I’m asked that question, I pause and I stop and I think. I do that because I’m trying to remember, when did I ever start being a Christian. Truthfully I don’t remember.  A song that comes to mind is one that we sing in Church. The first line is: “I became a Christian when my  name was given.” We also call our first name our “Christian name.”

I think it was way before that. God ordained you to be. He put you in that position for a reason. He had our whole life planned out even before we were conceptualized. That’s amazing to even fathom. That’s found in Psalm 139. Even before you were knit together in your mother’s womb, all of your days have been written in His book. That feeling that you are fulfilling God’s eternal purpose.


being christianNow back to that question: how long have you been a Christian? I think about that and I think that being a Christian is an everyday decision. It’s not like you can say I became a Christian on this specific date and year. You have to decide every single day. You’re going to live a life that is pleasing to God and that takes courage and tenacity. You may go against everyone that you consider to be a friend and at the end of the day you are living a more uplifting and fulfilling life, that is positive in every way. No matter what.

So that’s my blog. Hope you like it. Hope you enjoy it.


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