Miracle Workers

I am the daughter of a miracle.


There are three types of miracles: of nature, healing and resurrection. All three miracles occurred when my mother was born. My mother was the fifth child of my grandmother. Her birth was a perilous home delivery. The doctor informed my grandmother that this child would only survive for a few days. My determined grandmother would not have it. She went to nature and clipped some herbs from her garden, mixed it into a tea like her mother taught her and fed it to her ailing child. Gradually the child returned to the fullness of life. The doctor’s prediction did not come true. My mother survived her birth.

My mother grew into a beautiful and intelligent young woman and married my father. Theirs was a happy marriage but it lacked one thing: a child. My father and mother waited 11 years before they heard that my presence was within her. They were ecstatic. The critics were silent as those predictions of a childless marriage did not come true. I was born and my parents gave me the most beautiful name which means a gift from God. Not only was I a daughter of a miracle, she gave birth to a miracle as well.

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Mothers are miracles. Mothers work miracles. Mothers envision the miracles on the horizon. My grandmother could have given up but she used the powers of nature to remedy the situation and revive her child. My mother could have given up but she used the power of faith and prayer to give birth to a beautiful and intelligent gift from God. As a mom, I am only too aware of the power of miracles as I see them in the children I interact with everyday. God has equipped every mother figure in life with the power to tap into the inward and outward miracles. Once we invite God into the situation, that is the perfect opportunity for a miracle to occur. For the mothers who have been, who will be and who are, we remember, aspire and respect the role of mother as a miracle worker not just today but everyday.


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