My Spiritual Toolbox

Two years ago I attended a women’s empowerment seminar. The facilitator taught the participants techniques to utilise when we were feeling spiritually low. One which stood out for me was the concept of a spiritual toolbox. It was not the traditional toolbox, with hammers, screwdrivers, nails and wrenches. (I can’t believe I remembered those tools) Within the spiritual toolbox are the things (or reminders of the things) which we like the best in life. Touching, seeing even at times smelling them would transport us to a healthier space, filled with treasured memories and consequently renew our spirit.

My first toolbox was filled with vanilla incense, strawberry scented candles, a letter from my dad, a birthday card from my grandmother and two stones with the words “hope” and “wish” engraved. The facilitator shared with us that her toolbox was a playlist of her favourite songs and movies. The slideshow of images below is my interactive spiritual toolbox. You can create yours as well. Every toolbox is as unique as its owner.

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