To believe in something and not live it is dishonest. – Mahatma Gandhi

We have all been dishonest at some point in our lives. The physical and mental anguish that comes along with it should change our minds towards dishonesty. However to please others, to keep up appearances we continue with our charade. That is until we reach a breaking point.

A breaking point occurs when you have had enough with the dishonesty, enough with playing games and enough of lying to yourself. An act of pure courage breaks that dishonest past and transforms it to a hopeful future. Courage sometimes begins with letting go of the past and flying. You might have the fear of falling, but the first step constitutes taking that risk. So what if you fall…at least you faced your fear. So what if you fail…at least you have a chance to begin again. So what if…

That breaking point leads to honesty. It leads to being true to yourself. It leads to finding out what truly matters in life. Things that are unseen like relationships, love, faith and hope. Dreams revolve around these enigmas. It is only then that life is lived truthfully. There is no such thing as coincidence. There is only fate. Certain things happen to strengthen your resolve as a person chosen to live this life. That is where gratitude comes into play.

Gratitude reveals the truth of life.  It is by being grateful that life is experienced at a deeper level. Being grateful for food in the fridge, love from family and friends, clothes on your back and shelter to call home,  leads to respect for God, yourself and each other. Being grateful for the joys and pains of life, for without them you would not be where you are today. Being grateful for the “what if” in life that drove you from the state of dishonesty to truth. Ask yourself whether you are living the life you believe in. Ask yourself whether you are trying to please other people all of the time. Ask yourself whether you have the courage to be true to yourself and take the risk of allowing your life to reflect what you believe. Ask yourself what if…

Know that when you take this risk to be true to yourself that God promised to never leave you. He will hold your hand no matter what decision you make he will be there with you. He is the One who gives you the courage to stand strong in your faith. Pray from the depths of your heart. Trust that God is with you. Be forever grateful in all circumstances. For someone once said that when life is wonderful thank God and celebrate and when life is bitter thank God and grow. Even when you take that risk to be true, there is no need to worry for God will either catch you when you fall or teach you how to fly in a more fulfilling way. For God’s plans always exceed our widest expectations.





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