“Let me take a selfie!”


That is the trend these days. Going around with a mobile device and taking pictures of just yourself or with others in places that matter to you. The world says to put yourself first. Take care of yourself and everything else falls into place. At first thought, the term self centred has negative connotations. Oxford defines self centred as being “preoccupied with one self and one’s affairs ”

selfish-isnt-a-dirty-word    lovethemanyway

The challenge lies in shifting our focus from the negativity attached to the term of self-centred and look at it from a positive perspective. After asking my nine year old son about the meaning of self centred, he told me that it is the centre of oneself which is the heart. Not once did he use the words, conceited, vain or selfish. He looked into his soul for the meaning of the word and gave it a fresh start.


Life can be like that at times. The negativity can overwhelm us when we think of what is going on around us. All that is needed is a fresh perspective to give us hope and turn around the circumstances. Maybe self-centred is not such a bad thing. Maybe the trend of selfie gives us a reflection which could allow us to change for the better and think more about others. Maybe we should centred ourselves by focusing in on our hearts. How revolutionary is that?  What is in your heart? Does love reside there or is it empty inside? Fill it up with dreams and aspirations that are important to you and you can change the world for the better.


Take a selfie!


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