Handle With Prayer

Last Sunday my elder son got confirmed.

The rite of passage of Holy Confirmation in its explanation is  an introduction to some and a re-affirmation to others who have experienced it. Confirmation is the celebration of the individual taking on the promises made by their godparents at their baptism as an infant. It is an added responsibility to their spiritual lives with God. This ceremony celebrates that spiritual graduation.

Yet in the case of my son I will give the sacrament of Holy Confirmation a deeper meaning. He was the youngest in the group of sixteen young people to undertake this responsibility. At the age of nine years old, he proved that he is most definitely set apart from the rest. The following day, while sifting through the pages of a book my parents gave me on the occasion of teaching at a new school ten years ago, I found a beautiful story nestled in the middle of the book. The story was entitled: “Handle With Care”

The story revolved around a  teacher whose name was Kris. She had a very intense student by the name of Brian in her class. He always asked thought provoking questions and was certain about his vocation in life. He wanted to become a preacher and walk closer with God through his spiritual life. After this revelation, Kris began to pray. She prayed to God asking Him to reveal how she could help Brian achieve his goals in life. The answer she received was this: Handle With Care. It was not that Brian was fragile but that he was set apart and special for the life God had given to him. Kris would keep praying for Brian in the years to come. In true short-story mode there was no ending and we are left to wonder what happened to Brian.


My son shares the same name as the little boy in the story and the similarities do not end there. He too wants to become a preacher just like his grandfather. Our family will always support him in whatever he chooses to do with his life, knowing full well that it is in the hands of God. For with God all things are possible. We will continue to handle him with prayer.

handle with Prayer


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