A Lesson Learnt

Lessons are not only learnt at school.

Life has a way of teaching you lessons until you learn them. You repeat the lesson over and over again until you understand the message and apply it to real life. Life has a  funny way of explaining itself. It is funny in retrospect but while you are going through the experience it is far from amusing.

50 years ago a twin was born from two mothers and the same father. The twins lived separately with their mothers and they knew that they shared a father. As the twins grew up, they led their separate lives and had children. The children lived together and remained close. Then one of those children had a child. That child was a twin born from two different mothers and the same father.

There is a lesson to be learnt from this situation. We can either get along despite our circumstances and learn from our mistakes or we can keep repeating them until we learn life’s lessons. Two lessons stem from this situation. The first lesson is that of forgiveness. The second lesson is that of acceptance. Forgiveness does not occur overnight and neither does acceptance. Both lessons take time to learn. Yet when you learn them, the message that you understand becomes  so valuable when it is applied to life. The best students get the hardest lessons. That’s the honest truth.


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