Putting A Thought On The Heart

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Grandpa, what you are whispering? – Boy asked his grandfather, after noticing that he was whispering something to himself before going to bed.


– I put a thought on the Heart… —grandfather said.

A boy was surprised:

– What does it mean?

Wise grandfather told him:

– I do not want to quarrel with a neighbour who let me down, but I do not know how to behave. So I will put a thought on the Heart and go to sleep, and in the morning the Heart will tell me what to do.

– And where does the Heart know it from?

– The Heart knows everything, I’m learning from it all my life. And I may advise you: when looking for an answer to a difficult question, when something is not clear, put a positive thought before going to bed at the Heart, and next morning the answers will…

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