Dear Soulmate

Separating ourselves protects love, because in doing that, it is a stand against the things that destroy love. You can be who you are but I will separate myself from you when you overstep my boundaries. you have the freedom to live the way you choose, but if it disrespects me, you cannot come into  my presence.

You have chosen to sacrifice our relationship for the sake of a love affair with sin: addiction and adultery. This says in effect that: “Our relationship is less important than what I want.”

Righteousness and disobedience cannot co-exist. You needed a dose of reality before this sin consumed the innocent ones involved. Thankfully the innocents are saved through the unconditional love of God. Put God first and let everything else fall into place.

Boundaries define and clarify acceptable behaviour. Through serving God and others, there is a sharpening of the mind, a discipline of the body and the softening of the heart. Prayer most certainly changes the one who is praying and my soulmate, I have been praying for you.

In God’s presence there is wisdom, understanding and forgiveness for myself and others. By responding to others instead of reacting to them, I am taught the lesson that man’s rejection is God’s protection. Thank you for rejecting me. When you reject your sin , I will be there to love and support you. Sin has turned your perception of right and wrong, good and bad, upside down. Sin has convinced you that commitment is a trap and continued sin is freedom. My religion compliments my spirituality. I strive for spirituality for thanks to you I have seen hell.

Hell is not hot. Hell is frigid, lonely and devoid of love. Hell is resentment and fear. Hell is comparing your life with others. Now I follow my heart and live in health, contentment, joy, companionship and spiritual love. I am whole in God’s presence. God provides for our daily needs, gives peace, deliverance and protection from evil. Thank you my soulmate for bringing me closer to God. I wish the same for you.

With unconditional love


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