The Mendicant by Anthony De Mello 

Madamsabi's Blog

When I think how long I have lived
I am struck by life’s injustice:
others have lived much less
(I think of some I have known),
some have been given less than an hour of life.


I recall my childhood
and the various stages of my growth.
I have been blessed, indeed, beyond anything
I expected or deserved!

I think of the experiences that life has given me
– happy ones that filled my heart,
painful ones that helped me grow –

Of the discoveries I have made…

Of the persons I was privileged to meet…

And of my talents and abilities,
of sight
and hearing,
smell and taste and touch
and mind and will and memory
and the limbs and organs of my body.

If I were to die today
I should certainly have had more than my fair share
of life’s blessings.
Whatever else life has in store…

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