The Journey Begins

“Everyone who belongs to Christ will be given new life.” (MSG) – 1 Corinthians 15:22

let God 2

It’s been a year since my first post. Since then I have grown, but it’s far from over. The journey is just beginning. Why am I so sure of this? Because God is present in everything in my life. I began with questioning my purpose in life and God is presently directing my life towards that purpose. I dealt with anger, fear and trust. I dealt with the truth and life. I dealt with soul searching topics of love, hope and faith. The moral of the story of this year is that those things which are unseen have a higher priority of those things which are seen.

Let God

Through the examination of the unseen, the seen fall into place. Once you become beautiful in the heart, it reflects on the face. The examination of the unseen has taken me along a journey of reflection and revelation which has been teaching me invaluable lessons about mercy, truth and grace. Peace permeates my soul. Peace fills my surroundings as I resolve interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.

strong enough

I would have never expected to be here. Right now I am still a wife, mother and teacher. I can add that I am a free lance writer and a blogger. I am also looking forward to pursuing a doctorate. I pray that this blog will still be going for many years to come. This is a wonderful outlet to express opinions, to release frustrations and to confirm the truths which have always been there. I am so appreciative of the many readers from my home land and other countries from across the world, whose comments have been helpful in the development of the blog and my personality as well. This experience has enabled me to meet people from places like China and Nigeria. It has been nothing short of a blessing.

let God 3

Disappointments and failures only bring me closer to God and so when they come my way I know how to effectively deal with them. I hope that this time next year I can add on more achievements. I hope that this time next year the blog can touch more people in the world. I hope that this time next year God will continue to use me in incredible ways that would glorify His name. I am one of the Saints in the Kingdom. No matter how many times I get knocked down, stumble or fall, God holds me up with His right hand and that is so amazing.

let God 4

For His grace and mercy is more than sufficient for me. It’s more that sufficient for you. This story is not the ending for me. This is only the beginning of more wonderful things which God has in store for those who love Him. This is possible for everyone who believes in God. It is just not only for me. God is everywhere. You just have to close your eyes, be still and know and listen for him; in His Word, in the nature and in people who come into your lives just like that. It’s not a mere coincidence. It’s God working in your life. Lose control and let God be God.


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