Flawed Yet Beautiful

There are a lot of sexually frustrated women out there.

50 Shades of Grey the movie more than reflects the success of the written trilogy. Fans of the book agree that the movie was a pale representation. That is the usual case with the movie adaptation of a book. The movie itself made more that $323 million since its release.


Being Mary Jane is also another BET television series which encompasses the sexual frustration of women. The protagonist is sexy and successful in every area of life except when it comes to male companionship. She desperately tries to conceive in the hopes of filling that void. She envies those around her who have children, only perceiving parenthood from a limited lens.

mary jane 2

50 Shades of Grey (movie and book) and the TV series Being Mary Jane serious challenge societal expectations. Women envision themselves in the scenarios of Anastasia and Christian. They attempt to recreate these scenes within their lives by placing these expectations on their sexual partners. Women who are successful in other spheres with the exception of the intimate relationship, turn to the side of sexual liberation. The no-strings attached “Cutty Buddy version” in actuality has many strings attached. Emotional pieces are scattered to the winds of sexual conquest.

love 1

God made sex for human beings to enjoy. Yet sex is not love. Sex is temporal. It is short lived, no matter how many rounds you may experience. By contrast, love is permanent. It is felt in every moment. Love builds up your heart, mind and soul.  These sexually frustrated women seek to fill that void of loneliness and despair. There is an answer. That answer is found in daily prayer with God. That answer is found in daily reading of His Word. That answer is found in being intimate with God.

woman's heart

This intimacy with God develops over time. Many may scoff and become cynical at this school of thought but those who understand need no explanation. Wisdom and understanding come from being in the presence of God, in the quiet moments and worship in God’s sanctuary. Intimacy comes from believing in God when everything and everyone tells you the opposite. If you believe that God is omnipresent, then you are not alone. If you believe that God is omnipotent, then you have nothing to fear. If you believe that God is omniscient, then you have nothing to worry about. God is always there. God is always powerful. God is always knowing. Then with that knowledge, you can rest easy.


Thank you 50 Shades and Being Mary Jane, for the stories you portray bring awareness of a social problem within life to do with love and intimacy. Yet there is another and more hopeful side to this problem, which is in the immense love of God. Don’t forget that God loves us all flawed and yet beautiful creatures. That love is more than enough to fill that void of frustration in life.


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