One Church, One Faith, One God

(Inspired by the sermon by Bishop Peter Fenty at the Barbados Diocesan Service – 8th February, 2015)

God loves all of us. Jesus came that we may have life abundantly. God continues to pour His Spirit upon us. It is God’s mission and not ours. We are God’s beloved. We must honor the outpouring of his spiritual gifts. It is not an accident that we were chosen by God. The Christian Church needs to come together. We must be united so that we can bear witness. We need to discern God’s purpose and intention. We are called to share God with those around us and do this with great humility. There is one body and one spirit. We respond by the grace of God. We accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

All of us need to work together. We live our Christian lives in context of the world. The Christian Church needs to be at the forefront and work at the challenges of our people. We need to work at solving the issues that revolve around indiscipline and recklessness. Each of us has a role to play in working together. Trust in God. With God all things are possible. Return to the values of looking out for each other and loving our neighbour as ourselves. God has a mission to our nation.

Encourage one another. Empower each other. Let us be passionate about our Faith. God’s promise is that He is always with us. We can go forward with confidence in God. For He is working His purpose out, through our lives.

smile 4

My son is incredible. He sang beautifully in front of a packed gymnasium and received a standing ovation. My heart swelled with emotion. Tears of happiness came to my eyes. While members of the congregation hugged me, I gazed to heaven and gave God thanks. Every day I pray for all of the children I come into contact with and that is a fair amount when you take into account that I am a mother and a teacher. But my son continues to exceed human expectations. How? The simple answer is that I place all my children in God’s hands and trust in Him to do the rest. Anything that you commit to God, watch and wait for it and it will come about in a way that you would have never imagined. Fast and pray to God and He will continue to amaze and astound you. 

God at centre perfect peace


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