Hope can be dangerous.

In difficult circumstances, hope can be used to keep the heart and soul in check. Hope can materialise from the mind into a tangible and inspirational substance. Hope is eternal. It cannot be seen with the human eye, but it can be  felt with the human heart and soul.

Yesterday I ministered with a Sister in Christ and she blessed my heart in all ways. We shared our experiences and by doing this we helped each other immensely. This is the will of God. By sharing with each other as Christians we are obeying God’s commands. Obedience reaps rewards and as Christians we believe that our rewards are eternal in God’s kingdom in heaven. According to Psalm 103, we bless the Lord and worship and adore Him for He is at the centre of it all. We try our human best to imitate God: to be slow to anger and to be full of compassion. We have hope because with God our sins have be thrown away as far as the east is from the west.

We have friends who can share our burdens as well as we can shoulder theirs. Yet the greatest friend we have is in Jesus, who always keeps his promises. One such promise is that when we are weary we can depend on Him. He will provide a place of refuge where we can rest and become renewed and refreshed. That’s the best part. God is always with us. When we call out for help and say, “Lord, help me.”, He puts his arm out and strengthens us. That’s the dangerous element about hope. For through hope we are strong.

We place our hopes on our children. We hope that they will be steadfast and strong and rooted in God’s love. We hope that they will grow up to maturity and independence but not before they enjoy their childhood which is reflected in the hope in their eyes.


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