Only in Bim

I love being a Barbadian. My island, my nation, my home. I love my rich culture and heritage. I embrace all of the elements of an Island Queen. Picking golden apples, Bajan cherries, soursops, dounces and sugar apples to make a refreshing drink. Eating fishcakes and  having cornmeal cou cou and flying fish for lunch or dinner. Speaking Bajan dialect with close family and friends while playing dominoes and drinking a cool glass of the local beverage mauby. Looking forward to some pudding and souse today with a conkie or two on the side.

bajan fruit

(In clockwise direction: from the red Bajan cherries, dounces, soursops and sugar apples)

golden apples  (Golden apples)

conkie     ingredients

(Conkie and its ingredients in clockwise direction: red skinned sweet potato, pumpkin and coconut, cornmeal, eggs, nutmeg, raisins (optional) and smoked banana leaf in the background for wrapping the conkie)


(Barbados’ national dish – coucou and steamed flying fish with sliced cucumbers) dialect        dominoes

(Bajan dialect is spoken fluently especially during a game of dominoes.)fishcakes (Fishcakes with a tangy dipping sauce)

mauby    (Refreshing mauby drink)

pudding and souse (Pudding and souse with diced breadfruit on the side, usually served on Saturdays in Barbados)

Barbadians sing folk songs, talk about our ancestors’ artifacts and intricately weave the story of a nation filled with pride and industry. True some may argue that the Barbados of yesterday is not like the Barbados of today. Yet that is the purpose of nostalgia. Each generation has its challenges and our duty is to rise above them to become greater. We cannot do that without the help of God, whose plans for us are better than what we ever imagined.

These difficult times which our country is experiencing with finances will turn around and refine and strengthen our nation. These difficult times which our country is experiencing with common courtesy to each other will turn around and refine and strengthen our nation. As we celebrate 48 years of our independence, our country will do as the author Melody Beattie quotes: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”


Therefore, we will be grateful for our past. Then through that gratitude our people will continue to live in a relative state of peace. Finally with the peace that passes all human comprehension, we will cultivate the knowledge that through our present difficulties God will keep His promise. That promise is simply to see us through as a nation even more developed and more prosperous than before. Don’t give up on our country, even through difficult times. Be careful to keep your faith in God and trust Him with all of your heart. Let us open our hearts and receive God’s blessings.


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