No Regrets

He touched my elbow and I looked up from the glass window that contained my favourite cupcakes. As he looked into my eyes, my heart started to beat fast in recognition. Finally, his mouth voiced the words: “How are you doing?”

I had a dream about this guy and in my dream I wanted to thank him for all of his support throughout the years. This was no dream. This was reality and here was my opportunity to express my gratitude.

Life is crazy. It is like a roller-coaster with its ups and downs and you are just meant to enjoy the ride. The ups in life are wonderful when you feel the anticipation as you climb to reach your life goals of starting a family, excelling in your career and making lasting relationships with others who care. The downs in life test your endurance. You scream when you fall. You heart is in your throat when you are filled with all sorts of emotions. When the downs are over you are amazed by your level of tolerance. The downs in life teach wonderful lessons of mercy, healing and grace through experiencing the loss of a loved one by death or other means of separation or disappointment at not attaining that career or life goal.

Despite the ups and downs the Bible says in the book of James that you can count it all as joy. For without those ups and downs, life would not be as memorable and as wonderful as it is. By appreciating this downs in life, the ups in life have a greater value. When I look back at this time in my life, when I have to tiptoe down the hall to add on to my chapters in my thesis, so as not to wake my children, I smile. There are times in your life when you look back and say: “Did I really do that?” Yes you really did and consequently you are stronger and wiser. Through persistence and perseverance, that project, that goal or that dream was attained.There are no regrets as life is fully appreciated. If you did not have those downs in life, you would not be enjoying the things in life that are truly magnificent. Without my downs, I would not have two beautiful children, a rewarding career in education and writing and an amazing and intimate relationship with my God and Saviour.

So he asked me how I was doing and I said, “The children are healthy and wonderful and I am pursuing my Masters at the university.” He replied, “Good for you! I am also pursuing my studies at the university. ” Then I told him, “Thank you for everything you have done for my family.” Then we parted ways and I transformed a down in my life to an up of which I am definitely proud. No regrets just joy.


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