You never miss the water…

How do you get back what you’ve lost?

You only realise how important it is

When you lose it.

Its value,

Its true meaning,

Its appreciation,

When you find it again,

Do you remember the steps it took to get there?

Or do you lose it a second time?

Nostalgia fuels your dreams.

You remember when,

In the here and now.

The turned back, the classic walk away

The heavy heart and the profound sigh.

Your world stands still and then in an instant, crumbles.

And through your tears, you see it slipping away.

Your tears, the water of the well

That was formerly dry.

That’s the first step, the cry

That washes away the hurt of memories.

You watched tears fall from your cheeks to the parched earth.

Lifting up tear-stained eyes to heaven,

Realising your mistakes

Vowing never to do them again.

Cross your heart, hope to die

From the thirst of the water,

That was formerly in the well that ran dry.


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