It stands in contrast to the floral tropical beauty

Its dilapidated state a testimony of reminiscence

Birds of paradise, pink ginger lilies and white anthuriums

Line the L-shaped pathway leading towards the antiquated dwelling

The fruit of mango and breadfruit trees

Hang precariously even dangerously

Over the missing sheet of the galvanized roofing

Looking from a mortal perspective

Imagining what this dwelling place would have

Looked like in days gone by, in its former glory

A combination of beautifully painted wood with

Sturdy concrete supporting the structure

Shiny galvanized roof covering strong wooden beams and rafters

Wooden jalousie windows with complimentary sash windows

White washed front steps and well tended plants and shrubbery.

Looking from an immortal and invisible perspective

There is a solitary being, living in this dilapidated structure

She is safe and secure in a familiar setting

Familiar persons visit with their mortal intentions

To help but she wants nothing to change

Yet everything is changing

Unfamiliar persons use her tropical gardens as a public thoroughfare

To walk from the main road to their respective residences

She retreats in her familiar abode

Safe in her belief that God has protected her thus far

But where is the balance between familiar and unfamiliar?

Where is the balance between reminiscence and reality?

How long do you hold on?

When do you let go?

(The next two weeks are dedicated to inspirational poetry. These poems evoke feelings from within. I hope this one inspires you as well to live in reality and let go.)

every day 2


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