The Year of Thirty

I did not celebrate my 30th birthday. People wished me a happy birthday, but I did not have the usual celebratory dinner. 30 is a memorable year. You are not in your twenties anymore. You stand on the threshold of youth and maturity. Two phenomenal Biblical personalities started awesome works at the age of thirty. Joseph became Prime Minister of Egypt at the age of thirty. Despite the betrayal of his brothers into slavery, the lies of his boss’ wife, who wanted to sleep with him and the feeling of being forgotten in prison, he used his disposition to conquer these overwhelming circumstances. He developed his organizational skills through opportunities offered in prison and the house of his boss, Potiphar.

Another person who stepped out at the age of thirty was Jesus. His life before was basically unscripted until he came to his cousin John the Baptist to be baptised in the Jordan River. Afterwards, he went through his refinement process in the wilderness. Through prayer and fasting in the wilderness for forty days, he overlooked the depressing nature of his situation and persevered. We don’t know how many trials he suffered in the desert but we know that he overcame them with the help of God the Father.

Two weeks before my year of thirty I gave birth to my second son. This experience of being a mother of two boys has been and continues to be very spiritually fulfilling. Just like my biblical mentors of Joseph and Jesus. I have stepped out into areas that I would not have thought to be possible. I am so relieved that I do not have to subscribe to be perfect. I am equally relieved that I am not responsible for anyone else’s decisions but my own. It is so liberating to know that God is in control.I just trust Him with my whole heart. There is no room for worry in my year of thirty for God is before, behind, above and below me. He has given me the blueprint for my life. I had to come through my trials and tribulations to accept my Spiritual Bridegroom and His plans for my life. My dreams are wonderful and exciting. Just release and be free from fear. Embrace the healing power of mercy and grace. 

youth joyful



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