Children Are Precious Gifts from God

Every Sunday, our family has a tradition. We meet at our aunt’s house for lunch. There are children everywhere. I have two sons. My aunt’s son has four and there are four more with his significant other. My other cousin has a daughter and my cousin’s niece has her daughter as well. My dearly departed grandmother had eight children and her heritage of a godly life has passed down to her children and the future generations. There are at least three generations of our family every Sunday. We look forward to meet each other over good food and even better conversation with far ranging topics.

Children are blessings from God and from the size of our family we are truly blessed. Every Sunday God provides the strength for my aunt and not to mention the food to create the secure environment where we can meet and eat. The women in our family are nurturers in every way. We ensure that the children have their food and eat it properly. We do not encourage wastage of food as we inculcate the values of thanksgiving and appreciation. The children are taught table manners, such as appropriate conversation and the correct usage of the utensils. The food is cut up in bite sized pieces for the very little ones. While at times there is good natured teasing and ribbing, the children have a sense of security from experiencing the extended family unit.  

The adults protect the children from the influences of the “real world” as we ensure that they are guided by godly principles. We support our children to stand out in the world and speak out against practices which are deemed unsuitable. We want our children to make a difference in the world in whatever they do. We do not hinder or discourage their dreams. If they want to be leaders, the framework to achieve this is given to them.  We are responsible for what our children become. They look to us for guidance and we try our human best to live according to the principles of righteousness and promote them to put their trust in God at all times. Even some of my cousins who have not been physically blessed with children have been spiritually blessed with our children. Their influence comes about through our traditional Sunday gathering. They nurture them according to their needs, just like our Heavenly Father nurtures us according to our needs. Our lives should create a longing in the next generation for righteousness and kindness.

The fifth commandment is to honour our mother and father, for by doing so we will have long life in the land which God has provided for us. We go through three stages of parenthood and childhood. First the children are brought up to obey their parents. Second as the children reach adulthood they respect their parents even more. Third when the parents reach old age, it is the responsibility of the children to care for them. I can honestly say that I obey, respect and care for my parents. I can only hope and pray that my children will do the same and the same will be true for our future generations. Have a blessed Sunday. I can’t wait to get together with my family.

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