Fearless (ness)

It is an amazing feeling to be fearless. When you release and let go of negativity, your heart, mind and soul are truly free. What brings about this fearlessness? Humility and God based confidence are the qualities which lead to freedom. Humility is not about debasing a person. It is quite the contrary. Humility is the ability to lift others up with your actions and words. Humility is not thinking less of you. Humility comes when you think of yourself less. God based confidence stems from that unconditional love of God. He loves you regardless of your offences. He loves you because of your imperfections and short comings.

Fearlessness is a by-product of solitude and prayer. In the quietness of your mind, thoughts are filtered and sorted according to the Divine truth. Make time for solitude for it is a vacation for your soul. Solitude is a wonderful way to strengthen weakness as it affords the opportunity for reflection through prayer. Practical times for solitude are an hour a day, a half day a week, a day every two weeks or a week each quarter. Be aware of nature and the beauty of God’s creation displayed in the activities of plants, animals, birds and the wind. Listen to music which relaxes and epitomizes the greatness of God. Meditate on the Word of God and devote your time to seeking the understanding of the truth.

Knowing that God is always with you as your guide and protector emancipates you from fear. Separate yourself from the fear of people, situations and circumstances and embrace the other qualities of grace and mercy. Chase after these qualities as you learn all that you can about them. For it will result in a peaceful life, which is better than you could ever imagine. Remember that it is better to give than receive. So share as much as you can of your material possessions of your knowledge to others and do this with all sincerity and integrity. Hence:

Be still and know

Be still


frangipani 2



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