Every morning on Daystar Channel there is a series called Reflections. Scenes of peaceful places around the world are transmitted with inspirational and peaceful musical arrangements. Accompanying this, are a series of carefully selected Bible passages which reflect the themes expressed by the music and the scenes. For instance, if the scenes have free flowing water, the musical arrangement will compliment it and the Bible verses will revolve around the themes of spirit, freedom and water. It is a wonderful way to begin your day.

Throughout the week, several themes have come to mind and will be reflected upon. Unlike the series on Daystar, there are no peaceful scenes, no peaceful music and no inspirational quotations. These are personal reflections of the mind; sourced from reading inspirational publications and speaking to close friends and family members. Above all these reflections are as a result of the private and public worship sessions with Almighty God, ruler of the universe.

My love for Jesus is always here. I express it more boldly today than I did before. Many are not tolerant of my expression of my beliefs. But I smile as I remember the blessed attitude in the Gospel according to Matthew chapter 5, which states that when you are persecuted for righteousness sake your reward is great in heaven. So instead of getting even, I respond on the spiritual level and get God. What that means is that my response to them is one of tolerance, kindness and respect. The response of the flesh is to become angry. The response of the flesh is to get even. The response of the flesh is to waste your time and energy on your enemies. The response of the flesh is to speak negatively.

Anger is a natural emotion. Yet it is considered to be a deadly sin. When you accept anger, you reject God. There are many ways to deal with anger. Some involve getting back at the person who has enraged you. The others involve journaling your thoughts and feelings, venting on a trusted friend and participating in physical exercise. Writing is very therapeutic. It is the process in which your thoughts become tangibly expressed in black and white. This provides the opportunity to reflect on your views and use wisdom and understanding to demonstrate the sense which lies within. Writing is truly inspirational for at times the writer is in control of the thoughts expressed. What may be said to others may come back to you through another source. Jesus is your closest friend and confidant. Take everything that is bothering you and express it to Him through prayer. Similarly to writing, prayer is therapeutic. At the end of prayer there is spiritual refreshment which gives the strength and courage to take on anything life sends your way. Physical exercise is a wonderful way to deal with anger. There is a surge of energy in your system. Some persons go to the gym, some run on the beach and others take nature walks. Doing these activities may not eliminate anger but it channels that energy into a positive outlet. Your body will love you for choosing the physical route.

On the opposite end on the love spectrum, both you and your enemies agree on the fact that you do not like each other. Do not waste your energy and time on them for they are not wasting their time and energy on you. Eventually with time, your enemies will cease to bother your resolve. All of this revolves around your assignment of value. Once you assign a high value to negativity, it will rule your thoughts. This transfers to your words and your actions. Then it becomes your truth. In essence the highest value should be assigned to positive thoughts and to optimistic feelings. Only then can life be lived to the fullest. With positivity and optimism your light shines. Even disappointments and tribulations look good because through them you depend on God. This develops your character for the disappointments are seen through God’s perspective. With the big picture in mind, the love of God is paramount. God is everywhere. God is in control and He sees everything.

Value lies in the constructive element of criticism. Do not take things personally. However if that is a part of your personality, find a way to express what you feel to that person. Otherwise this occupies precious time and results in a waste of energy as you over-think what was said to you. If the person knows that you take things personally, flip the situation to them. First let them know that what they have said hurt you. Once aware, the person should rephrase their words, so that they will have an uplifting instead of a debilitating effect.

Finally, value also lies in the ability to discern whether it is time to speak or time to be silent. Silence can be powerful and effective. Silence gives the opportunity to reflect and listen to what is being said. Silence speaks volumes as sometimes words are insufficient at times. Silence can communicate acceptance. Yet it can also communicate revolution. Use the warfare of silence carefully. Overall use silence to reflect on the mercy and grace of God. Be grateful for everything in your life. It has a purpose. You have a purpose. Go live your purpose, selected exclusively for you by God.

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