Live to Express


My all time favourite Walt Disney movie is Beauty & the Beast. Tear drops glisten from my eye lashes when I watch the scene where the Beast has a surprise for Belle. The Beast tells Belle to open her eyes. The camera pans out into the immense library in the castle. My love for books is immense like that library. I would spend the rest of my life reading. Reading quenches my thirst for knowledge, broadens my mental and spiritual horizons and leads to a deeper and fuller understanding of persons and circumstances. I am an avid reader and an advocate for reading.

I inherited my love for reading from my parents. My mother came from a large family. In order to avoid my grandmother’s punishments, she always buried herself in a book. My father instigated my love for languages and history. ing. As a reward, my father would take me to the bookstore to buy a brand new book for my book cases at home. I had Enid Blyton books, Babysitters’ Club books and Sweet Valley High books. Of course there were the classics such “Around the World in Eighty Days” and “Great Expectations”. Reading provided an escape from the loneliness of my life as an only child. I visited the worlds between the front and back covers. I needed spectacles as a child. After my parents said my prayers with me and tucked me in to bed, I would get a flashlight and read under the covers.

My dream job revolves around reading. Teaching provides the opportunity for me to research subjects of interest. Teaching allows me to aid in the fight against illiteracy which is threatening our children especially boys. Thanks to Kindle, Amazon, e books and google books, there is the new dimension of paperless reading. The traditional readers are not ready to embrace this new style. However it is the opposite for the modern day reader who finds that paperless reading fits well into their busy schedules. At the touch of a screen, everything is before you and at a more reasonable price. It does not take up space in the house and is environmentally friendly from the perspective of cutting down trees to make more paper.

I have been a faithful member of the Library for the past quarter of a century. My children are members as well and I encourage my students and their parents to join the library. Reading broadens your horizons as you fill your mind with understanding of a plethora of subjects. Reading opens new worlds within the pages. What you choose to read should not only impress you but also be an avenue of expression as you go about the adventure of self discovery.



4 thoughts on “Live to Express

  1. We have a similar background. My mom was an English and literature teacher who loved reading. I got that trait from her. My favourite hobby is reading. I enjoy being lost in another person’s mind and I think it has made me to more objective and to be able to predict the outcome of some situations.

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    • Reading is my escape from reality that allows me to better appreciate my reality. It is a humbling and wonderful experience to have someone else appreciate my writing.


      • I like ‘my alone time’. I play catch ups..I just travel without leaving my bed.( my favourite place to read). For some years now, I have loved reading via book readers. I love reading bestsellers best like Nora is being a while. For sometime now, I just be doing lots of self development reads…but I do love to curl up with a Jude Deveraux whenever am moody or need some fresh lease. Sounds crazy… Reading is my own drug addiction

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  2. It’s not crazy at all. I’m into reading inspirational publications sometimes I read three books at a time. Take it chapter by chapter each day. I read especially when the children are sleeping. I just finished Iyanla Vanzant’s “Yesterday, I Cried.” It was a page turner. The other book I’m slated to finish is called, “Mastering the Methods”. It is a book that relates teaching methods and technique to the Master Teacher Jesus Christ. It examines His methods and uses them in the application of the modern class room. I used to read Nora Roberts as well. I ended up donating them to the school library. I was reading some publications from the African fiction series in our library last year. Some pretty interesting themes.


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