One Step at a Time

The young man looked better after the accident four weeks ago. Life-saving machines were surrounding him. God has a reason for keeping this young man alive. Believe that this reason will be revealed at the right time. The man who hit him would not claim liability. As far as he was concerned he hit the wall and the wall hit the young man. Life has a way of catching up to you. The doctors said he wouldn’t be like he was before; a vibrant seventeen year old with a promising future in store. He is a quad paraplegic. He will never be able to use his limbs again because his spinal cord had been severed clean. He could barely talk, but he whispered his words of hope and gratitude to God. 

Victim- Survivor- Victor. Life can change in a split second and bring about the most challenging stage ever experienced. This stage forces you to walk by faith and not by your capabilities. What worked before in life has no relevance in this present test. It is comparable to the broken pieces of a beautiful vase, and you are at the point where your emotions are overflowing and you hold these pieces in your hand. What do you do? How can you fix it? Will it ever get back to how it was before?

The path to victory begins with the first step towards the challenge. It may seem daunting at first. There will be negative voices from the inside and the outside. It starts with your desire to overcome and become a winner. Release the struggle and resistance. The situation becomes easier. Place trust in a more powerful entity. This allows for an amazing transformation. Opportunities never thought as possible enter into life.

It is imperative to grieve over the way of life before that split second change. This process has five steps. Sometimes the steps may be repeated in the journey towards victory. This is quite natural as everyone goes at their unique pace. The first step is denial, when the mind can’t comprehend or won’t compromise with the end of this stage of life. The second step is anger. Anger is a natural emotion which is necessary to experience. Yet the expression of anger should not cause you to sin. Express anger through exercise of the body and mind or journaling, or writing un-mailed letters or even talking to a close person. Crying cleanses the heart and anger can be expressed through tears as well.

Continuing the grieving process is the third step of depression. This is definitely the time for counseling and listening to well intended advice. This advice is characterized by edifying words. The fourth step is guilt. Guilt is overcome by placing it into God’s hands. Ask God for forgiveness and then forgive yourself. The fifth and final step is acceptance. In this stage, your life story becomes a platform for others. Sharing your life and accepting that what is coming is better than what is gone, helps in the completion of the grieving process.

In the end, there is victory. After taking the first step, there is a process which transforms you into a stronger person, better equipped for life’s challenges. Change yourself and leave the changing of other people and circumstances in God’s capable hands. You may stumble along the journey. You may fall but God is the familiar sustenance. Place your trust in God and your journey towards victory will be as satisfying as your attainment of your goal. Spirituality brings a deeper level of awareness that is not of this world and it cuts the cords of death which is associated with worldly fixations.




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