Trials, tribulations and transitions make your life fall apart. What is so rewarding and frustrating at the same time is putting the pieces of the shattered life together again. Like shattered glass, it is painful to touch and it hurts. Pain is weakness leaving the body and what remains is strength. After experiencing these trials, tribulations and transitions, stand on your faith; a renewed and transformed person. Piecing life together may create a different picture that one could ever imagine.

Life as a mother is hard but rewarding. My doctor’s appointment finished early. There was literally no other patient in the office and I was seen in all of twenty minutes. After receiving a clean bill of health, I decided to have some time to myself. Everyone should set aside some time for themselves to live a balanced and healthy life. I went to a bookstore that was recommended to me by my priest. The initial idea was to buy a Bible for my elder son. After selecting a beautiful book for him called the Adventure Bible, I carefully perused the rest of the bookstore. I spent 30 minutes in the bookstore and felt refreshed and eager to see my sons. 

After parking the car at his school, I went to my son’s class. He met me with a smile on his face and a huge card in his hand. He presented it to me with an “I love you.” Tears blurred my eyes as I read the last line of the card. It said:

I will love you forever.

I thought of buying you flowers, but I knew you would prefer a Forever Bouquet.

I love you!

Motherhood has its trials, tribulations and transitions. But that big picture is the love of your children and God has created a picture for you more beautiful than you have ever imagined. Just trust in Him, surrender all you have to him and he will bestow blessings upon blessings in your life. How do I know that? Because I’m a mother of so many children and the gifts which they give me leave an indelible mark upon my heart, my mind and my soul.





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