The Reason Why…

John placed the video camera to focus on his father sitting by the fireplace. His father’s face was not showing the signs of the cancer that was eating away at his body. Yet his eyes were full of pain. Both men knew that this was inevitable. John knew his duty of portraying his father in the best light that was technically possible. His father knew his duty of getting his message out to the world: Inspire others to write.  John’s father began to speak about his life experience and the way writing helped him to express his talent. He began to write at the age of 50. There were characters, scenes and stories that he was desirous to get out on paper.

At first the journey was difficult. He went to various writing workshops to hone this craft. He became teachable and allowed other experts in the field of writing to mold him into the writer he eventually became. The struggle took five years. During that time he went through major rewrites of his novel. His manuscript was rejected by several publishers.  Finally it was accepted by one and he was paired with a phenomenal editor. This editor not only went through the manuscript to correct the grammatical and contextual errors but he also supported him through the process. Eventually the novel went on to become a great success.

John’s father succumbed to the debilitating cancer shortly afterwards. Yet his soul lives on in his publications. His publications inspire those to follow him. His life is a testimony of an arduous process. Failure and disappointments will occur. Dreams are fulfilled when the process is restored. The breakthrough is coming. Just persevere and success will be attainable. Inspiration is the reason why…Image


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