Random Acts of Kindness

Princess Diana

While I was shopping with my son, a lady came up to us. At first I looked at her face to see if I recognised her. I didn’t. My mind was grappling with the usual questions . Does she go to church with us? Does her son go to school with mine? Does she know members of my family? I desperately struggled to make the connections.

As she stood in front of us, she said to me: “Let this $10 go towards his snacks.” I was taken aback. Thoughts assaulted my mind again. At first I was offended because I thought that she didn’t think that I could afford my son’s snacks. But on further thought I began to wonder why. My son profusely thanked her. Then snapping my mind out of my reverie, I thanked her as well. She smiled at me and resumed her shopping. She never told me her name but I will never forget her action.

kindness 2

Why did she do this act of kindness? Could it be that my son reminded her of someone near and dear to her heart? Was she impressed by his speech and his character? Not only does my son speak fluent English but he reasons well out loud. He is also small for his age and persons are amazed when he tells them he is eight years old. I call him my sapphire because he is the epitome of innocence in his words and actions. He is helpful, kind and thoughtful. His laughter is infectious and he loves people.

Mother Teresa 2

In these harsh economic times, prices are increasing. We accept this. In these harsh economic times, similarly to the prices, acts of kindness should increase. We should be kind to each other. People will be kind to us as well. Money is not a requirement for kindness. Love does not cost anything but it is a powerful currency when shared with others. This lady’s act of kindness inspires me to do random acts of kindness and speak words of kindness whenever I can. If she reads this, I hope she remembers that incident in the supermarket aisle by the cleaning products. My son and I thank her again for her act of kindness and the inspiration which echoes in our hearts.




2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. This is very inspiring. You should not be surprised because both you and Brian have a beautiful spirit that compels other beautiful spirit towards you. This lady thought us all a great lesson. Thank you for sharing Laura.


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