Lost and Found

lost and found

Michaela was so excited. Her father was taking her to the bookstore to buy another Babysitter’s Club book. As an 8 year old she loved that series because it was centred on a group of girls who loved to take care of children, experienced adventures and treasured long lasting friendships. Michaela was wearing her favorite dress. It was blue with a red flower in the centre. Michaela usually wore it as soon as it was washed and pressed. Hand in hand with her father they crossed Main Street and entered the department store.

The town was filled with people this Saturday morning. Everyone was in a hurry. Many people were waiting for someone outside of the department store, as this was a popular meeting point. The air conditioner blasted in Michaela’s face in contrast to the sweltering Caribbean heat. The perfume and cologne scent assaulted their noses as they hurried inside, away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street.

Michaela excitedly pulled her father to the area of the elevator. Riding the elevator was more exciting than the escalator. She anticipated the feeling in the pit of her stomach when the elevator moved up or down. The area was crowded. The elevator doors opened and five people rushed out while people rushed in. Then it happened. Michaela’s hand broke from her father’s. She looked back to see him as the elevator doors closed behind. She was trapped in an elevator with unfamiliar faces. Where was her father? Why was he not with her? Which floor was the bookstore?

Michaela rode the elevator to the 2nd floor. The doors opened. Some people came out but her father was not there. She tried not to panic. Her heart was racing, but on the outside she appeared calm. Her father always told her the worst thing to do in these situations was to panic.

Instead Michaela helped people get to their floor by pressing the button to the desired floor. Suddenly she heard a voice announce: “Could Michaela Williams come to the first floor? Her father is waiting for her.” Her heart leapt for joy. She quickly pressed the number 1. The elevator doors could not close fast enough. As they opened to the first floor, Michaela pushed passed a lady to get out. She looked up and saw her father. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, vowing silently that she would never let him go.

never let you go


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