The Big Picture

puzzle 2

“God has a plan, keep clinging to this,

Forget your agenda, look to his.

As you walk by faith clinging, to his hand,

Remember this, God has a plan.

–        Jan McIntosh


There are so many pieces of life. At times it is uncertain how they fit. However there is always a grand design. The direction is uncertain but faith leads the way in the creation of the big picture. Lisa Earle McLeod in her publication Forget Perfect introduces the concept of “front sight”. Foresight is looking forward and hindsight is looking back. Yet front sight requires the ability to picture oneself ten years from now and speak to the present self.

This radical tactic assists with decision making as the big picture is already revealed.  The necessary pieces are being dealt with in the present to fit the puzzle together. There are two options. Either the pieces are given to you or the pieces are given with the big picture. The first option generally leads to frustration and the feeling of despair. With the second option, the big picture is the motivation to put the pieces together. The process becomes an enjoyable one and the result feels even more fulfilling.

The big picture gives purpose to life.  Teamwork develops a better individual. Success requires cooperation, honour and respect. Honour is a two way experience. Success also involves love and forgiveness. Certain behaviours should be adopted in dealing with others. Work with joy. Efficiency is doing the job right and effectiveness is doing the right job. Refrain from arguing and complaining, about the tasks at hand or with others. Instead of gossiping, find ways to encourage one another and ameliorate the situation. Condemn the action and not the person.

Be content with the present. Practice the values of humility, compassion, self control, faith and forgiveness. Trust in God and the plan that He has for you will surpass your earthly expectations. Trust God to be the undisputable guide, comfort and power throughout the journey. Trust in God and the little pieces of the puzzle will combine to form the great design of your life.


puzzle 3



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