Stronger than Yesterday


The average woman takes words and actions personally. It takes a lot of emotional effort to go against that norm. Many problems originate from the acceptance of another person’s perception and portrayal. In the refusal of this acceptance, the journey of self love begins. Everything associated with happiness and integrity eventually reveals itself in life.


Famous philosopher Lao Tzu notes that all things are accomplished in nature. Worry is unnecessary. It is a waste of precious time and important energy. Worry strengthens the nightmare which exists in your mind. Dreams and nightmares have to be fed in order for them to stay alive. Let worry die its natural death. Stop coercion and execute tasks well. Efficiency is tiresome. Success requires the completion of the right task. A well done task is not necessarily done harder and faster. It sometimes needs a gentle touch and a natural resolution. When the action is forced the end result is not as good as if nature follows its course. In the case of coercion, it must eventually resume the natural path that was predestined.

The determining element between yesterday and today is strength. Yesterday should make us stronger today. Yesterday is not to be forgotten but used in today’s decisions. Change occurs between the time frames of today and yesterday.

Therefore consider the following steps to be stronger than yesterday.

  • Stop taking actions and words personally
  • Do not accept another person’s perception of yourself.
  • Stop perceiving people as bad or wrong. They are just different.
  • Do not fight fire with fire, by responding to remarks and suggestions.
  • Release negative emotions through writing un-mailed letters.
  • Find a trusted friend to vent problems and issues.
  • Establish your boundaries.

These steps should be put into place to ensure that the individual does not revert to the captive, negative state. Captivity is experienced when fear is associated with another person’s response. Be free. However experience freedom responsibly. There is a concept of too much freedom, which can weaken the individual. Worship, rest, work and play should be experienced in even levels to ensure a balanced lifestyle. Relationships with family and friends play a central role in life. Communication is the key to fulfillment and understanding in relationships. That key should be used to unlock the closed doors which are misunderstandings within relationships. If the key is forced and pushed hard and fast, the door will not open. Strength yields to a gentle touch.



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