Never Explain Yourself


Her stomach rumbles from hunger and exhaustion. She smiles as she looks across the table at her children. Her son asks “What’s wrong?” She tells him softly but firmly to eat his food. Her heart is full of joy.They don’t have enough to eat but at least her children are fed. She could do without her meal, so they could have a little more sustenance.

He clutches a letter in his hand. The job he had for fifteen years has been made redundant. How will he pay the bills? How will he pay the mortgage? How will he find money to support his four children and his wife? He has enough for a month, but what will the following month hold?

Each night she dreads her husband coming home. The atmosphere is full of tension and negativity. Everything she does isn’t enough. He questions her cleanliness. He rejects the food she cooks. He gets upset with her preparation of a meal. He argues with her in each conversation. The caring, loving person she had married, who would do anything to see her smile, no longer exists. What remains is a cold individual, who is more contented with going out at night than spending time home with the family.

Enough is enough. Loss comes in different forms: poverty, job or marriage, just to name a few. There are two options, either continue to wallow in self pity or allow the positive energy to take over. The positive decision usually goes against societal expectations. Many will question “why?”.¬†Explanation is unnecessary. True friends understand. Enemies will never believe you. So why bother to waste time and energy explaining thoughts and actions. Believe that time strengthens and heals the mind, body and soul.



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