Breaking the Silence


Silence is like glass. It is transparent and fragile. Once it is broken, it shatters or makes a loud crashing sound. Writing is a tool used to release silence. The power of word visually impacts the reader. The reader lives the life of the writer. The writer guides the reader along the journey of the story.

Writing is therapeutic. Writing allows thoughts to be seen in black and white on paper. The writer has the opportunity to now see thoughts before and edit or sort them out. This creates a sense of clarity in the thought process. Thoughts need to be simplified so that they can follow a sequential process.


Writing is a form of expression. Without expression, feelings and emotions become trapped within the body. Unfortunately that trapped situation may result in a negative outlet. Outlets are necessary to release any blockages within the mind, body and soul. Once those blockages are released, there is a sense of rest. Life becomes simplified instead of complicated.

Writing can either be from a subjective or an objective perspective. In the subjective sense, writing takes on a more visual and personal format. On the contrary, objectivity gives the writer the chance to regard the situation from both angles. There should hardly be any bias as the examination is from many perceptions. Each writer makes the choice whether to follow a subjective or objective direction. Either way writing allows feelings to be seen in black and white so that sense can be filtered from nonsense.




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