Slow Down


The process from conception to birth is very slow. Everything develops at its own rate to create a beautiful result. Even this blog is developing at its own rate. The writing process is slower and more thoughtful as the focus is on rest. Rest is scheduled. Eight hours is the recommended amount reserved for sleep. For children, it is ten hours. Yet on other occasions it is necessary to create times of leisure or rest to rejuvenate the spirit.

Usually after a fulfilling meal, the body calls for relaxation. Some call it ethnic fatigue. Others call it a nap. In Spanish speaking countries this tradition is called siesta. Each institution takes a break and closes in the middle of the day. By contrast, some people work hard and rush around. Rush hours are characterized by traffic jams and intense emotional strain. At work, there is pressure from colleagues, dependents and employers. Deadlines must be met. Jobs must be accomplished. Their bodies experience difficulty in the transition from work to rest mode.

Rush and hurry are residues of our instantaneous  lifestyles. Evidence of this is seen in instant coffee, microwaves and wireless connections. Other aspects of nature demonstrate the opposite. The growth of a tree or the metamorphosis of a butterfly show that hurry is not necessary. There is a sense of accomplishment but is there an appreciation for the evolution of the process, that is achieved by taking it slow.

Enjoy the process as it unfurls and experience a more fulfilling end result. Decisions should not be rushed. Situations should not be rushed. Life should not be rushed. Otherwise the decision, situation and life will lack that sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Stop. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Give your mind and spirit a chance to catch up with your body.

slow down


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